LT Classics | Terms & Conditions
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  1. General

These conditions (“the conditions”) supplied by “LT Classics” (“the company”) to a customer (“the customer”) shall be incorporated into each contract (“the contract”) made by the company for the supply of goods (“the goods”) and service (“the service”) and hiring out of vehicles by the company. The company contracts as aforesaid upon such terms as are agreed between the company and the customer and the terms of the conditions alone. No variation of any of the conditions shall be effective unless in writing and signed by a partner of the company.

  1. Specifications

The customer shall be responsible for ensuring that the details on the company’s booking form are accurate and bookings are accepted only on the understanding that the client understands and accepts these terms and conditions of contract and payment of the deposit signifies such acceptance.

  1. Price

a. All prices shall be as stated by the company.

b. All prices stated may be subject to the variation at the sole discretion of the company at any time. However, this would only reflect any significant increase in the company’s cost of performing the contract and the company shall notify the customer of any variation before delivery of goods or completion of the services.

c. Prices stated for the hiring out of vehicles may be subject to variation for more than one pick-up, or special requirements.

  1. Payment

The customer shall be liable to pay a booking deposit. Such deposit shall be non-refundable in the event of cancellation by the customer. If the customer cancels within twelve weeks of the hire date, as we are unlikely to be able to re-allocate the vehicle, the full contract price shall be payable.

a. The customer will be liable to pay the balance of the contract price for the hiring out of a vehicle six weeks before the date of hire.

b. Sums unpaid after the due date shall bear interest until the day payment is received at the rate of 5% per annum above the base rate accruing from the due date until the date of payment in full.

c. If the recovery of sums outstanding from the customer is passed to a solicitor or debt collection agency, the customer shall pay the company’s cost in instructing the solicitor or debt collection agency and all ancillary costs.

d. Without prejudice to any other rights or remedies of the company, any default by the customer in making payment on the due date shall entitle the company to suspend the provision of goods and services and vehicles under the contract so long as the default continues and to treat the contract as repudiated by the customer and determined if the customer has not within 14 days of receiving written notice from the company, paid all sums due to the company.

  1. Liability

In the unlikely event that the car booked is unable to complete the engagement owing to mechanical failure, accident or any other cause whatsoever, then whilst we will endeavour to provide a satisfactory alternative and / or agree a financial settlement. No liability will be accepted by us for any consequential loss.

  1. Miscellaneous

a. The maximum number of passengers to be carried in a vehicle hired out by the company under the contract shall be determined by the company, or its employees in accordance with construction and use regulations.

b. Children under the age of 3 years old are not permitted to travel in any vehicle that is not fitted with safety restraints (seat belts).  Where restraints are fitted and the children are in the category that requires a car seat or booster seat then these must be used, it is the responsibility of the parent / guardian to communicate this information with the company or its employees.

c. The company reserves the right to substitute or suspend services without prior notice and shall incur no liability except as is provided for in clause 5.

d. ‘Champagne Service’ it is illegal for the company to sell or give you champagne, however the company will happily serve you your own champagne. This must be agreed with the company in advance and the company reserves the right to refuse the request.

  1. Force Majeure

In the event that we are unable to provide services as a result of events that are outside of our control (changes in government legislation, road closures, congestion, traffic accidents, severe weather conditions, e.g. – flooding, heavy snow, or where driving a vehicle may pose risk to our employees or customers, (without reference the preceding clauses) the company shall be entitled:

(i) to suspend the provision of goods or services or vehicle hire under the Contract without incurring any liability for the failure to provide the goods or services or vehicle hire as contracted.